Web Based Map Management Software


What is easyMap?

easyMap is a web module written in PHP which allows you to display a map (or any other image for that matter) with markings superimposed on top of it.
The module allows full graphical management of multiple maps, with numerous markings for each map. Markings are also arranged by categories, thus a certain map can display different mark groups according to the category each mark resides in.

In simpler terms: say you had a map of your city, you could make the following categories: Museums, Train stations, Hospitals, Schools and so on; when the map is displayed on your website the viewer can choose which category to display, and will then see the map with (for example) all schools marked on it.

Map data is stored in a MySQL database (this includes: defined maps, categories and the markings for each map). Map markings can be any type of image, these are stored locally on your webserver.

easyMap’s Main Features

  • Flexible module written in PHP with MySQL as backend
  • Distributed under Lesser GPL for free
  • Display and manage multiple maps
  • Management through graphical web interface:
    • Add, Edit and remove maps
    • Manage Groups, Categories & Maps
    • Make marks on existing maps by clicking the desired location on the map
    • Move marks on the map by dragging and dropping to the desired location
    • Easily enter description and other info for each mark
  • Mark data is displayed to user by category, user can choose different category and get a different group of marks on the same map
  • When the user hovers his mouse over a mark, a tool-tip will display showing predefined mark information

You can see what’s new in version 1.2 on this page and what’s new in version 1.3 on this page.